Recently our client GRHUSA (Spanish Pyrenees) has installed several pieces of our BCU (Berca Urban Composter). These composters are made entirely of plastic material from the landfill, with no commercial value. Plastic that goes to the landfill.

Why BCU?

The BCU is manufactured 100% from recycled plastic from the landfill. Our composter is the only one on the market made entirely from recycled plastic, which makes it a clear example of a circular economy.
It is made up of sheets or strips of brown recycled plastic that are inserted into "U"-shaped guides.

This makes it possible to remove the sheets one by one, to unload the contents of the composter with a shovel, without having to disassemble anything other than the desired side.

As its name indicates, urban composters are designed for installation at street level, allowing free access for all users of the public road. BCU composters, unlike other brands, are installed bolted to the ground, which gives them greater robustness against possible acts of vandalism.

In addition, the clamping profiles are made of recycled plastic from automotive waste, thus avoiding metallic particles that add heavy metals to the final compost. They are robust and capable of withstanding inclement weather and constant user manipulation.

Another example that shows that there are several technologies to treat bio-waste and that all of them together are the solution.