“Do all the work in your composting plant with a single motor.

"Unique in the market"


  • Versatility.

    Guaranteed by the diversity of implements specially designed for the composting sector, which allows it to be adapted to a wide number of jobs.

  • Telescopic arm.

    An essential part of its stability, it allows keeping the arm retracted during the displacement of the load, optimizing the balance of the machine.

  • Articulated skid steer loader.

    The body of the machine acts as a counterweight to limit lateral sway and reduce the risk of tipping.

  • Multi-connector.

    It facilitates the connection and disconnection of the hoses of the accessories, compared to the conventional system of individual nozzles.

  • 360 visibility and ergonomics.

    It allows you to see what is happening around you and how the implement is working. Plus, all controls are at your fingertips.

  • Security.

    Roll bar with tinted roof.