BACKHUS A 38 Turner

BACKHUS A 38 Turner

Innovation in composting machinery


The BACKHUS A 38 triangular pile turner is the new member of the BACKHUS family and will replace the BACKHUS A 36 as an improved version.

Whether for the composting of green waste or the treatment of contaminated soil, the BACKHUS A 38 allows high performance to be achieved in a large number of applications. Like all BACKHUS A-series models, the machine is equipped with a standard Cummins Tier 5 engine, although if required it can also be supplied with a standard Tier 3 engine.

the caterpillar train

Currently, BACKHUS has three variants of tracks for its pile turner that allow optimal adaptation to the ground. For asphalt or concrete, rubber padding is often chosen. On soft soils, a double grouser steel tile is used. Wear on the steel tile is minimal, while the rubber-cushioned variant is easier to change and therefore more cost-effective. In the standard version we have the BACKHUS A 38, with a rubber track that is somewhat cheaper than the steel one.