BACKHUS A 45 Turner

BACKHUS A 45 Turner

The compost turner is used for composting agricultural, biological or sewage sludge waste. With a stack width of 4.5 m and a height of up to 2.3 m, the machine achieves a turning capacity of 3,000 m³/hour, depending on the material. The pile turner It also stands out for its low-consumption diesel technology. The engine it incorporates complies with all current emission regulations.

Turner with wheel and caterpillar

The pile turner BACKHUS A 45 is available in both wheeled and tracked versions. Both variants have very compact working and transport dimensions, which facilitates their use in different plants.

The turner is perfect for optimizing the work process. Its walk-through sweepers allow stacks to be placed side by side with little loss of space in between. It is not necessary to leave a corridor between batteries, the result, a better use of the available space.


Self-propelled turner – high performance middle class

Are you the operator of a recycling or composting plant and your customers have high demands on your end product?

Or are you looking for a powerful, self-propelled turner for your plant? Are compact dimensions and ergonomic handling also important to you? The pile turner BACKHUS A 45 is the answer.