On-site solution to convert infectious waste into a type of garbage suitable for removal by the municipal cleaning service.

Suitable for any industry in the healthcare sector:

  • Hospitals Laboratories
  • Research centers
  • Dialysis centers
  • Pharmaceutical centers
  • Blood banks
  • HIPAA Medium
  • Pharmaceutical and biotechnology centers


Advantages of the STERIPLUS™ 250 Combined Crusher and Steam Technology

  • Steam treatment is a proven and successful technology for a long time.
  • This technology is easily understood and accepted by hospital staff
    and other workers.
  • In a large majority of countries it is approved and accepted as infectious waste processing.
  • This technology reduces waste, including sharp or pointed objects, in a volume of up to approximately 80% a 5 and 8% approximately. Sterilize infectious waste through a simple process.
  • STERISHRED® is available in two sizes; 50 liters and 250 liters.
  • If proper precautions are taken to exclude hazardous materials, emissions from autoclaves are minimal. STERISHRED® 250 is also prepared to absorb odors, even if the lid of the machine is open.
  • Processing costs are around € 0.20 per kilo approx.
  • STERISHRED® also offers optional equipment, such as programmable computer control, permanent record of treatment parameters, etc.
  • STERISHRED® 250 technology ensures that you are doing the right thing for the environment.
  • The level of maintenance required is minimal.
  • Compact, easy-to-move design (fits most hospital doors).
  • STERISHRED®250 is designed for a service life of a minimum of eight years.
  • SIEMENS electronics and motors
  • Warranty: One year (13 months from the date of shipment).
  • Biological inactivation: Sterishred®250 applies the regulations of the RKI Institute (Robert Koch, Berlin) published in May 2007, (intermittent pre-vacuum process, for example, the removal of air in multiple evacuation intervals (vacuum suctions alternating with steam application) When subjected to this temperature rhythm, the spores of the bacteria expand and consequently become less resistant (͞overkill͟ ฀ Class IV procedure; 8 log ϭϬ ฀. Even the variants of Creutzfeld disease -Ja kob (vCJD) are destroyed The sterilization safety level (SAL) is = log-48!