BACKHUS A 60 Turner

BACKHUS A 60 Turner

Self-propelled turner for an efficient composting process

Since the beginning of composting in Europe, numerous studies and reports have been carried out on the technical process management of composting plants.


In these technical documents it is always emphasized that a turner battery optimizes and speeds up the composting process.

When it passes over the pile, the material is released and for this reason, its structure and water content are homogenized. Optimum mixing is achieved both in the central area and on the sides of the stack. At the same time, a continuous and controlled output of the material is achieved and, in addition, it is possible to oxygenate correctly.

BACKHUS turners for effective composting

Therefore, the turners The BACKHUS A 60 / A 65 compost piles should be considered as a sensible addition to your composting strategy and a tool for moderate control of the process development and even as a guarantee for a good end product.

This self-propelled turner It can be used for the composting of biological and green waste, agricultural and industrial sludge, reaching a turning capacity of up to 5,000 m³ per hour. These BACKHUS machines are also experienced by professionals in the field of land reclamation and mixing of substrates.